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Use of The Zorlu Group Logo

As an important element of the Zorlu corporate identity, the use of the Zorlu Group logo is subject to certain standards and criteria. The Zorlu logo’s two primary colors are red and grey. The only other colors that may be used are black and shades of grey. The proportions of the logo are as shown in the examples below and must not under any conditions be changed. The spacing of the letters in the word “Zorlu” should also be as shown in the examples.

Proper Use of The Logo

(1)  The Zorlu logo must be used in its primary colors when it appears on a white ground.

(2)  In monochrome applications, black letters on a white ground should be used if at all possible.

(3)  If rule #2 is not possible then white letters should be used on a black ground.

(4)  If the logo must be used on other ground colors, the basic emblem of a white letter Z in a grey circle enclosed by red parentheses should be separated from the ground by a white contour. The name “Zorlu” may be in white or grey depending on the darkness of the ground.

(5)  Adhering to the foregoing rules, the logo may also be used in a vertical arrangement.

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