Zorlu Holding’s production, export, and employment numbers and its ability to compete in international markets give it a position of special importance in the Turkish economy. The foundations of this success story were laid in the 1950s in the little town of Babadað in southwestern Turkey.

By the 2000s Zorlu Holding had successfully joined the ranks of Turkey’s biggest corporate groups thanks to its wide-ranging involvement in activities from textiles to real estate and from electronics to energy. As of 2006, Zorlu Holding was active in four principal business lines:

Home textiles and polyester yarns
Electronic goods, information technologies, and durable consumer goods
Real estate
Energy production

Until the 1980s, Zorlu Holding pursued growth in the business of home textiles. As the Zorlu Holding Textiles Group, it created the TAÇ brand, which established itself as the leading name in home textiles in Turkey. In 1994, Vestel Electronics was added to the Zorlu Group. Two years later in 1996 Zorlu Holding increased the number of companies in its portfolio by expanding into the energy sector. A decade on, Zorlu Holding entered the real estate business in 2006.

In 1998 the Zorlu Group had exports worth USD 600 million. This figure reached USD 680 million in 1999 and USD 852 million in 2000. Zorlu Holding’s exports continued to grow and topped USD 879 million in 2001, a year in which the Turkish economy suffered a serious economic crisis. In the ensuing recovery, Zorlu’s exports reached USD 1.3 billion in 2002. By 2008 they were worth nearly USD 3.2 billion in value.

With close to 50 companies and about 30,000 employees today, Zorlu Holding continues to work for the future and to improve the quality of life of people everywhere.

Home textiles and polyester yarns

The Zorlu Textiles Group’s principal business activity consists of the production and marketing of yarns, curtains, and home textile products (sheets, comforter sets, bedspreads, tablecloths, and piqués).

Korteks Yarns, the first company of the Zorlu Group, has a production capacity of 500 tons a day of partially-oriented yarns and 120 tons a day of fully-drawn yarns. It is the biggest manufacturer of polyester yarns in the Middle East and Europe and the leading European manufacturer engaged in integrated curtain production. Its plants also turn out 350 tons/day of texturized yarns, 25 tons/day of twisted, fancy, and elasticized yarns, and 10 tons/day of air texturized yarns.

Zorluteks Textile’s production facilities include home textile and curtain weaving & knitting, finishing, and sewing plants. In home textile production facilities with a total of 108,000 m² of enclosed space, the company employs state-of-the-art technology to manufacture 96 million meters a year of a wide range of home textile products such as comforters, piqués, pillowcases, bedsheets, fitted sheets, tablecloths, bedspreads, cotton curtain fabrics, and towels. 40% of the company’s production is exported to other parts of the world, primarily to America, Europe, Japan, and Russia. The remainder is produced for such leading Turkish brands as TAÇ and Linens.

Under the coordination of its Ýstanbul-based headquarters, Zorluteks Textile markets and distributes textile products in its home market and in CIS countries as well as in other markets around the world.

Another important mission of Zorluteks Textile is to further develop the market position of the TAÇ label, the leader of the Turkish home textiles sector, and to ensure that its manufacturing activities are able to keep abreast of market developments and to respond to changing consumer tastes. According to a study conducted by Nielsen in 2009, the TAÇ name has achieved a brand recognition level of 100%. Through Linens, Turkey’s first and only international chain of home textile stores, the Zorlu Textiles Group has introduced an innovative and pioneering approach to home textile retailing.

The Zorlu Textiles Group also holds the worldwide production, distribution, and marketing rights of home textile products with both the Benetton (Italy) and the Pierre Cardin labels. Products bearing the Valeron label, a creation of the Zorlu Textiles Group, are sold not just in Turkey but also in Europe, where they continue to attract strong interest among consumers.

The Zorlu Group’s activities in textiles have been expanding with tremendous momentum over the years. Having transcended the boundaries of their home market, they have spread to four continents. The group’s members today have a total of twelve textile production companies located in Turkey and other countries.

Electronic goods, information technologies, and durable consumer goods

Zorlu Holding’s investments and activities in these business lines are the responsibility of the Vestel Group of Companies, which consists of 24 concerns–12 of them outside Turkey–that are active in electronics, white goods, and information technologies. One of the strongest players in the sector in both the Turkish and international markets, Vestel numbers among the world’s biggest manufacturers in terms of technology, design, and development competencies. Ranking sixth among the best-known and most prestigious brands in Turkey, Vestel’s product and service quality sets the course of the sector in meeting and satisfying customer expectations.

Vestel has one of the most extensive sales and after-sales services networks in Turkey with 1,050 sales points and 400 after-sales service centers. With its multi-brand strategy and concept-store approach to retailing, Vestel offers an extensive array of products to customers everywhere in the country.

One of the world’s leading OEM and ODM manufacturers, Vestel is the biggest producer of CRT and LCD televisions and digital TV receivers in Europe and also the continent’s fastest-growing maker of white goods.

Employing more than 15,000 people, Vestel’s production facilities are located in Manisa in Turkey and in Alexandrov in Russia. Manisa-based Vestel City is the biggest single self-contained industrial complex in Europe and the second biggest in the world. With 600,000 m2 of enclosed space, Vestel City has a total annual production capacity of 30 million units.

Vestel currently exports its goods to 127 countries, supplying advanced technology products to customers everywhere in the world. While Vestel’s sales in EU countries are carried out on an OEM and ODM basis, in Turkey and neighboring countries Vestel pursues a strategy of establishing and maintaining an own-brand presence. In keeping with this strategy, Vestel produces goods under the Vestel name for sale both in Turkey and in Russia, CIS countries, the Middle East, and North Africa.

In 2006 Vestel acquired the rights to the Finlux and Luxor trademarks, two well-known brands in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and began manufacturing and exporting under both names. In 2008, the company added Vestfrost, one of the most prestigious white goods names in Europe and Russia, to its lineup.

In 2007 Vestel became the first brand to be accepted into the government-supported Turquality program whose aim is to promote Turkish product brand awareness in the business of durable consumer goods. Vestel’s inclusion in this program is further evidence of its standing as Turkey’s export champion and of its ability to compete with other brands at the global level.


Zorlu Energy, the original company of the Zorlu Energy Companies Group, was founded in 1993 initially to supply electricity for Zorlu Group textile plants. The company’s first two power plants were built in Lüleburgaz and Bursa. As the group’s energy requirements continued to increase over time and with demand coming from non-group companies as well, there emerged a need for more production capacity. The result was that new power plants were built in Yalova, Ankara, and Kayseri.

As new investments continued apace, the Zorlu Energy Group continued to grow with the addition of new companies that provided power plant construction, engineering, operation, and maintenance services too. Paralleling the spread of natural gas use and the privatization of natural gas distribution in Turkey, the group developed a structure to supply natural gas to private homes and industrial zones. Still more new companies were set up to engage in gas and petroleum exploration in order to create new resources for energy production and gas distribution while licenses were obtained to engage in energy and natural gas wholesaling.

The Zorlu Energy Group enjoys an unmatched position in the sector thanks to its ability to engage in fully integrated services that include everything from electricity production and sales, natural gas production, distribution and sales, and project development to turnkey delivery power plants and long-term maintenance and operation contracts. The Zorlu Energy Group is currently concentrating its attentions on becoming a regional force by taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves in rapidly growing energy markets outside Turkey in the countries of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Projects now under way in Russia, Pakistan, and Israel represent important steps being taken in this direction.

Besides thermal power plants, in order to make the most economic use of the world’s energy resources and in keeping with its principle of supporting its own growth and development through product and service diversification, the Zorlu Energy Group also gives great importance to activities in the area of renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, wind, and geothermal. In line with this, the group has successfully bid on privatizations to add new power plants that operate with hydroelectric and geothermal resources to its portfolio.

The Zorlu Energy Companies Group today has a total installed capacity of 603 MW electricity and 192 tons/hour of steam produced by fourteen power plants (five natural gas, seven hydroelectric, one geothermal, and one fuel-oil) located in different parts of Turkey. It produces an average of 320 m3 of natural gas a year in its license areas. The group is also moving rapidly forward on natural gas distribution infrastructure in its Trakya and Gaziantep territories, provides maintenance and operating services for power plants both in Turkey and abroad, and is carrying out investments in order to complete projects on which work is currently in progress.

Real estate

Zorlu Real Estate was set up as a subsidiary of Zorlu Holding with the objectives of developing high-quality housing, office, business center, shopping center, hospital, hotel, and commercial storage properties at prime locations in Turkey and in other countries.

Zorlu Real Estate is currently actively involved in three projects: Zorlu Center, Zorlu Konak Residence, and Zorlu Levent.

Zorlu Center

On 7 March 2007 Zorlu Real Estate purchased land from the Highways Directorate having submitted the highest bid (a record-breaking USD 800 million) in a public auction in which ten groups, the majority of them foreign, took part. The company paid the full amount in cash to the Privatization Administration less than three months later on May 30th. Following up this contract award, Zorlu Real Estate announced an international architectural competition in June for concept and design proposals. A total of 117 firms applied for the “Zorlu Center Architecture and Urban Design Competition”. Thirteen of them selected by an international architecture firm were invited to take part. A joint venture group consisting of Tabanlýoðlu Mimarlýk and Emre Arolat Mimarlýk submitted what was deemed to be the winning project.

Incorporating five separate functions that make it the first and only “mixed use” project of its kind in Turkey, Zorlu Center consists of a culture and arts center, a hotel, a business center, a shopping center, and residences. The project involves 61,595 m² of construction area. In addition to a culture and the arts center occupying an area of about 25,000 m² and accommodating 3,500 people, Zorlu Center will also contain a five-star international hotel that will be a splendid addition to Ýstanbul’s prestige and tourism industry and a shopping center whose tenants include both well-established brands and a number of world-famous names making their first appearance in the Turkish market. Other sections consist of residences, green-belt condominiums with their own private gardens, and office spaces that are laid out horizontally along a single level rather than being stacked up vertically in tower blocks.

Zorlu Center looks set to become an international center of attraction by virtue both of its location and of its 80,000 m2 of recreational greens and gardens. The Zorlu Center project was the recipient of two international awards even before it got under way: the “Master Planning” award, a special jury prize granted in the 2008 Cityscape Dubai Architectural Awards competition, and the “Commercial Architecture Award” in the “Europe and Africa Property Awards 2009” competition, which is recognized as one of the most prestigious architectural awards in the world.

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