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We believe that in order to benefit society
we need to create lasting solutions.

We dedicate 1.5% of our profits to responsible investments
in order to create social value, with our assets in innovation,
design, entrepreneurship, technology and human resources.
We aim to create a sustainable "solution ecosystem" in cooperation
with the society we live in.

Relations with Society Working Group Goals

We say «we»,

not «me»

We support the social entrepreneurship ecosystem through imece.
Imece Platform, our social innovation
program, aims to offer innovative
solutions to social,cultural, economic
and environmental problems in a
collective way and, accordingly,
accelerate social regeneration
and development.
Following the incubation
programs of imece 'Quality Education'
and 'Gender Equality', we continue
to support its incubation program
called 'Reduced Inequalities'.

SIX Wayfinder was a platform for
talking about the upcoming
10 years of social innovation
in Turkey and the world.
Please refer to our report for reading
the outcomes of Wayfinder Istanbul,
where the ways of finding solutions
to global issues through social
innovation have been discussed,
regarding the methods that will
render the ecosystem successful.
The third Incubation Program aimed at
introducing social initiatives
that will "strengthen disadvantaged
groups socially and economically",
"enable access to basic rights and
needs for disabled individuals" and
"enable access to basic rights and
needs for refugees" is organized in
strategic partnership with ITU Çekirdek,
one of important actors involved
in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
You can find detailed information
about the third Incubation Program
of imece from here.
Smart cane WeWALK
Within the scope of Vestel's "Accessibility Project", smart cane WeWALK, born during the Hackathon's with Young Guru Academy to provide concrete solutions to the daily needs of visually impaired, is a dream come true with the company's R&D, technical support and production support.
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We prepare

young people for the future

Through Mehmet Zorlu Foundation, we support
young people who are successful but who have
difficulties in maintaining their education
due to financial difficulties.
We grant scholarships for 2000 students per year, and we expand this support through some special projects. In addition to supporting 17 thousand youngsters to date, the Fonundation has also supported "21. Century Competencies” themed training programs to ensure that young people are equipped not only with academic, technical and professional knowledge, but also with the skills and competencies required by the 21st century.
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Technology and creativity platform:


Digilogue, a multi-disciplinary creativity and technology platform,
offers an ecosystem open to new experiences with its multi-disciplinary
structure that incorporates different ways of thinking.
In order to observe and experience the effects of digitalization in our lives, we have established the Digilogue platform that combines different channels, disciplines, people, technology, artists and ideas. Details
We organize exhibitions, summits, panels, interviews and workshops to design experiences at the intersection of technology, art to support thinking about new technologies on the way to Smart Life.

We thrive

women in every aspect of life

We are proud of our female volleyball players
to represent Turkey in the
international arena.
With our sponsorhip for Vestel Venus Sultanlar Ligi, we support women to be successful in the field of sports as well.
It is very important for us to increase the interest of girls in volleyball and to contribute to the global success of Turkish volleyball.

We raise

children’s awareness on sustainability

With Zorlu Energy Group's project “Our Energy is for Children”, we ensure that our children become conscious of energy saving, climate change and renewable energy issues.

We encourage

to move

Manisa Cycling Road
The 41 km bicycle route is available 24 hours a day.
Cyclists who participated in the 51. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, passed through Vestel City and signed the first bicycle tour through a factory in the world.

We make children’s dreams come true

on theater stage

With Zorlu Children's Theater, we have reached over 800 thousand children across Turkey with over 2.000 plays.
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