Projects in Russia

Zorlu Energy Group continues its activities at Tereshkovo (340 MW) and Kojukhovo (340 MW) natural gas power plants.

The construction of the first phase of Tereshkovo natural gas power plant (170 MW) in Moscow, 75% of which the Group owns, was completed and the plant went into service with the conclusion of the electricity sales agreement with Promyshlemaya Energetika in November 2011.

Tereshkovo (340 MW&150 Gcal of heat)
Kojukhovo (340 MW&270 Gcal of heat)

Projects in Israel

As a shareholder the Group has 4 cogeneration power plant projects in Israel which will have a total installed capacity of 1.075 MW and run on natural gas.

The Dorad Natural Gas Power Plant (800MW) in the Ashkelon region whose construction is still underway is expected to start generation in 2013.

The Group’s feasibility studies concerning the Ashdod (55 MW), Ramat Negev (120 MW) and Solad (100 MW) are still continuing.

Pakistan Wind Power Plant

The construction of 5 turbines of the first wind power plant (56.4 MW) in Pakistan was completed in the Jhimpir region of Pakistan in accordance with the agreement concluded between the Pakistan Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) and the Zorlu Energy Group for the establishment of a wind power plant in Pakistan in 2006, and the first phase of the project with a 6.4 MW capacity was put in operation.

Financing for the second phase of the project (50 MW) has been obtained. The Pakistan Wind Power Plant won the "2011 Best Renewable Energy Financing of the Middle East" award which was given by the Project Finance Magazine in March 2012.

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