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Human-Centric Ecosystems

With our responsible investment holding approach embracing the entire value chain, we always prioritize our stakeholders.

We support talent development with our agile, dynamic and innovation-driven work culture.

We strive to create mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability while demonstrating a fair and equitable management approach.

We develop people-centric business models that factor in employee happiness, the future of work, an inclusive value chain, and social investment.

While creating shared value and principles for all our stakeholders, we also further our efforts to transform the ecosystem wetake part in..

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We say «we»,

not «me»

We support the social entrepreneurship ecosystem through imece.
Imece Platform, our social innovation
program, aims to offer innovative
solutions to social,cultural, economic
and environmental problems in a
collective way and, accordingly,
accelerate social regeneration
and development.
Following the incubation
programs of imece 'Quality Education'
and 'Gender Equality', we continue
to support its incubation program
called 'Reduced Inequalities'.

SIX Wayfinder was a platform for
talking about the upcoming
10 years of social innovation
in Turkey and the world.
Please refer to our report for reading
the outcomes of Wayfinder Istanbul,
where the ways of finding solutions
to global issues through social
innovation have been discussed,
regarding the methods that will
render the ecosystem successful.
The third Incubation Program aimed at
introducing social initiatives
that will "strengthen disadvantaged
groups socially and economically",
"enable access to basic rights and
needs for disabled individuals" and
"enable access to basic rights and
needs for refugees" is organized in
strategic partnership with ITU Çekirdek,
one of important actors involved
in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
You can find detailed information
about the third Incubation Program
of imece from here.

We prepare

young people for the future

Through Mehmet Zorlu Foundation, we support
young people who are successful but who have
difficulties in maintaining their education
due to financial difficulties.
We grant scholarships for 2000 students per year, and we expand this support through some special projects. In addition to supporting 17 thousand youngsters to date, the Fonundation has also supported "21. Century Competencies” themed training programs to ensure that young people are equipped not only with academic, technical and professional knowledge, but also with the skills and competencies required by the 21st century.
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Technology and creativity platform:


Digilogue, a multi-disciplinary creativity and technology platform,
offers an ecosystem open to new experiences with its multi-disciplinary
structure that incorporates different ways of thinking.
In order to observe and experience the effects of digitalization in our lives, we have established the Digilogue platform that combines different channels, disciplines, people, technology, artists and ideas. Details
We organize exhibitions, summits, panels, interviews and workshops to design experiences at the intersection of technology, art to support thinking about new technologies on the way to Smart Life.
We inspire with "Küçük Bi’ Mola” (“A Little Break”).
We support the creativity, productivity, participation, personal development of our employees; we organize activities that raise awareness about different social problems.
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We expand our vision

with "Dialogue Conferences"

Since 2015, we reach
500 employees every month.

We organize a "Dialogue Conference" in Istanbul and in cities we operate every month on a regular basis around current social and cultural issues, to provide our employees knowledge, awareness and different perspectives in a continuous learning organization environment.

We create a corporate culture

based on innovation

We believe that the path to continuous
development is keeping the entrepreneurial
spirit alive.
  • We believe in the importance of generating smart, innovative and creative solutions and of sustainable innovation.
  • We identify the "issues" of today and tomorrow in parallel with the future strategy of our group for a better world and future.
  • We set the stage for the realization of original and creative ideas by our colleagues regarding these issues.
  • We support their innovative and bright ideas through our entrepreneurship ecosystem and create a business environment stimulating common sense and transformation.
We support entrepreneurs
With Zorlu Ventures, "we lend ideas life and entrepreneurs a hand".

We support entrepreneurs who want to make their idea a reality, we invest in technologies that make life better. We mobilize all our assets to help ideas grow and become projects that benefit to society.

We are prepared to be partners of ideas to build a smart future in different fields ranging from health and education to internet of things and artificial intelligence.

We support

gender equality

We see Gender Equality
as a human right.
We know that, for an ecosystem to emerge where women can participate more and more equally to the workforce, transparency, executive commitment, support for women's leadership, an infrastructure that allows diversity and an inclusive mind-set are necessary.
We work to empower women in all areas of life.
Within the framework of our Smart Life 2030 vision, we formed the Gender Equality Working Group with the participation of our colleagues on voluntary basis.
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The participation rate
of women to workforce
in Turkey
We support
women's economic

In 2015, we signed the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs).
We do not just aim to increase our female employee count, we aim to provide the conditions for women to take place in senior management levels and decision-making mechanisms.

Our female
employee ratio
We aim to have more women
in decision-making mechanisms.
We support the “30 Percent Club”, which aims to increase the proportion of women in decision making mechanisms, management boards and senior management to 30%.
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Female ratio in the
Zorlu Holding Board
of Directors
We encourage more women in
our supply chain.
We believe that economically empowered women will in turn empower society and the economy of the country they live in. For this reason, we support the “Kadından Almalı, Memleket Kazanmalı” (“Buy from women, make your country win”) campaign.

We commit to equal opportunities
in recruitment.

Fırsat Eşitliği Modeli

Equal Opportunities Model

We support the Equal Opportunities Model (FEM), which aims to identify inequalities in different processes such as recruitment, training, career planning and development and to stop gender discrimination in business.

We support gender equality in business, employment and earnings.


Equal Opportunities Project

With the "Equal Opportunities Project" initiated by Vestel Electronics, we encourage individuals with hearing and speech disabilities to take their place in business life providing them various trainings. Within the scope of the Project which started with 11 employees in 2015, today, 170 individuals work on production lines designed for them.

We encourage

corporate volunteering

We encourage our employees to participate in voluntary activities.

We cooperate with the Private Sector Volunteers Association (ÖSGD), which aims to transform the competence and potential of human resources through volunteerism into social benefit.

By taking responsibility and making a positive impact on society, our employees do good for themselves and spread happiness.

We recommend an average of 8 hours/year volunteer work per employee and include them in our performance criteria.

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Smart cane WeWALK
Within the scope of Vestel's "Accessibility Project", smart cane WeWALK, born during the Hackathon's with Young Guru Academy to provide concrete solutions to the daily needs of visually impaired, is a dream come true with the company's R&D, technical support and production support.
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