In memoriam: Mehmet Zorlu

The Zorlu Group adventure is a tale whose first threads were spun on the looms of Babadağ county in Denizli. It is a story of dedication, discipline, and commitment whose original author was Hacı Mehmet Zorlu. The torch that he passed on continues to be carried by the entire Zorlu family in line with the principles that he laid down.

The year is 1953... The starting point of the Zorlu Group adventure that has lasted more than half a century. The chattering sounds arising from simple home looms in Babadağ county in Denizli would one day be heard around the world. From them would be born some of the world’s leading textile brands.

Zeki and Ahmet Zorlu, sons of Hacı Mehmet Zorlu who started out in their father’s footsteps in his little atelier in Denizli in 1953, set out in the 1960s with the goal of “being the best you can be” and took the first step on the Zorlu Group adventure with a textiles store that they opened in Trabzon. In the years that followed, their initial efforts were transformed into a gigantic corporate group and family representing Turkey in the electronics, white goods, financial services, and energy sectors.

In the course of the more than half-century long adventure of the Zorlu Group, there have been tough times as well as good. The 30,000 members of the Zorlu family experienced one of its greatest losses around midnight on 5 July 2005 when its founder, Hacı Mehmet Zorlu, passed away.

Born in 1919 in Denizli’s Babadağ county, where he would remain for his whole life actively working right up until the end, Hacı Mehmet Zorlu’s ideals and principles became the ideals and principles of the entire Zorlu Group today.

Zorlu Holding’s co-chairmen Zeki Zorlu and Ahmet Zorlu received the first lessons that brought them success and respect in the world of business from their father, Hacı Mehmet Zorlu. Announcing the death of Hacı Mehmet Zorlu co-chairman said simply “We’ve lost a father and a mentor.”

Hacı Mehmet Zorlu founded Zorlu Tekstil Kolektif in 1953 and continued to work for the Company until his death. The gift that he bestowed upon Turkey was the Zorlu Group, which continues to advance down the path that he originally blazed.

Even in death, Hacı Mehmet Zorlu continues to work on Turkey’s behalf through the foundation that he set up during his lifetime.

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