“Digital Revolution” is now open at Zorlu PSM

The exhibition that will start a digital revolution is now open under the sponsorship of Zorlu Holding!

Curated by the Barbican Centre, one of the most valuable art centers of Europe, the exhibition Digital Revolution is now open at the Zorlu Performing Arts Center, under the sponsorship of Zorlu Holding. Also supported by Vestel, the exhibition moved to Istanbul right after it was held in London, Stockholm, and Athens. Located at the new exhibition area Sky Lounge at the Zorlu PSM, Digital Revolution exhibition will be open to visitors until June 12, 2016. Visitors will witness the most comprehensive technology exhibition that has ever taken place in Turkey.

Artworks that push the limits of imagination
Digital Revolution hosts many artists who push the limits of imagination. Artists including film producers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers offer a unique spectacle to visitors by bringing together technologies and arts through a perfect imagination. The exhibition provides important hints on the future of creativity through creative coding, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture, and reality augmented with digital communities, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies, and 3D printers.

Strong content with the touch of Barbican Centre
Speaking at the opening of the Digital Revolution exhibition, Murat Abbas, General Manager of Zorlu PSM, underlined that beyond contributing to the artistic and entertainment sphere of the society, Zorlu PSM has also become a platform that shapes the artistic life of Turkey and gives a place to all branches of arts, and further said that digital arts have a special place among these branches that is followed with an increasing interest around the world recently.

Murat Abbas continued his words as follows: “We are continuously going through a transformation process and there is a digital world that surrounds us. As Zorlu Performing Arts Center, we are very excited about opening our doors to the “Digital Revolution”, an exhibition that brings this new world to our center, and of realizing our first big exhibition in collaboration with Barbican Centre, one of the most precious art centers of Europe. This special exhibition will remain open for 4 months and the visitors will both witness the phase of digital revolution and will be amazed by the works this revolution has brought about.”

This exhibition redefines the concept of reality
Speaking at the opening of the Digital Revolution exhibition, Neil McConnon, Head of International Enterprises at Barbican Centre, said: “Digital Revolution is an exhibition that redefines the concept of reality and which inspires its audience by finding new ways to experience it. We found the opportunity to work with important figures who are at the center of the digital world despite its short history. Furthermore, at the Turkey stage of this exhibition, we are very pleased to work with Zorlu PSM who has an advanced vision in terms of technological infrastructure.”

During the opening of the Digital Revolution exhibition, Ömer Yüngül, CEO of Zorlu Holding, the main sponsor of the exhibition, said that as Zorlu Holding they are continuing to support rather new and less known areas with innovative aspects more than the known branches of arts. Yüngül continued his words as follows: “Our most important strength is our imagination, and our confidence that brings our dreams into being. As a group that embraces technology, innovation, design and R&D as irreplaceable values, a group that has led the digital transformation of Turkey, for us digital arts is the primary innovative field that stimulates imagination. We have presented a good example of our innovative stance in this field by organizing the first light festival of Istanbul and Turkey by Zorlu Center in the last months of last year. Bringing Digital Revolution to Istanbul right after London, Stockholm and Athens, curated by Barbican Center, one of the most precious arts center of Europe, is a reflection of our perspective on digital arts. ... Bringing Digital Revolution, which was held for the first time last year, to Istanbul right after it was hosted in the prominent cities of the world in the field of arts shows our resoluteness on our objective of bringing the most important cultural and artistic events of the world to Turkey, an objective we laid out while establishing PSM. As an exhibition that brings together arts and technologies through an infinite imagination, I believe that Digital Revolution will be an inspiring exhibition for those who bring their dreams into life by using innovative thinking, technologies and design.”

World-famous artists are coming together in this exhibition for the first time
Many important figures that might spark the attention of visitors, and their exciting works come together in this exhibition for the first time. The works of world-renowned musician and entrepreneur will.i.am and Björk, visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin, who won an Academy Award for the film Inception, and director Chris Milk, who created the music videos of big names such as Chemical Brothers, U2, and Kanye West, are among the works included in the exhibition.

This interactive exhibition curated by the Barbican Centre includes new works from artists such as Umbrellium (Usman Haque ve Nitipak Samsen) who are known for their large scale outdoor activities with public participation, from Universal Everything, Yuri Suzuki, Pasha Shapiro, and Ernst Weber as well as digital artworks such as DevArt. A large part of the section called We Create, which presents projects that allow everyone to be creative, involves the Johnny Cash Project, the mass generated fan website by Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin. Another part of the exhibition called Creative Spaces demonstrates how digital technologies facilitate a rapid creative change in movies and online.

The exhibition Digital Revolution also includes many experiments that are done using digital technologies. One of the most interesting sections among these is Sound and Vision, which presents extraordinary experiments by musicians using digital technologies. The work called Pyramidi, created by artists Yuri Suzuki, Pasha Shapiro and Ernst Weber and international musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist will.i.am is also exhibited. Pyramidi takes visitors for an exploration of the interface between analog and digital music in an environment of a live gallery. This section also includes a series of application-based projects where artists try to visualize music. The interactive video of Arcade Fire called The Wilderness Downtown, the Biophilia (Björk) application developed by Scott Snibbe Studio, and SCAPE (2012) application by Peter Chilvers and Brian Eno are exhibited in this section.

Date: February 20 – June 12
Place: Zorlu PSM, SkyLounge
For more information please visit: http://dijitaldevrim.zorlupsm.com/
and http://www.zorlucenterpsm.com/tr/digital-revolution