Güç Katıyoruz

Regenerative Business Models

We act with the awareness that current economic models are unsustainable in the long term, considering the limited natural resources. To serve this end, we take responsibility in the areas of climate crisis and circular economy. While taking steps towards achieving global goals to combat the climate crisis, we aim to transform the economic potential of waste by leveraging the awareness on circular economy.

While we gear up for the future with a regenerative business model approach based on environmental, social and governance (ESG), we also transform our society and ecosystem by ensuring the engagement of all our stakeholders and creating shared value for them.
We embrace this understanding, which we promote across our group companies, as a core principle in all our investment decisions.

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We produce
more efficiently
  • At Vestel Electronicswe aim to provide "World Class Manufacturing" by 2020.
  • At Kortekswe produce sustainably from raw material procurement to factory exit. We calculate the environmental impact of our products. We conduct Product Life Cycle Analysis.
We support
renewable energy
Yüzde 76
We invest in renewable energy sources.
78% of the total installed capacity of Zorlu Energy’s power plants in Turkey, are based on renewable energy sources.
Smart Production
in Zorlu Group
We increased the use of automation and robots in our Vestel Manisa factory. We use our own software and design for robotic production. Our goal is to become the first company with Smart Factories in Turkey.
At Korteks and Zorluteks, we increase our productivity with minimum errors with the latest technologies from design to production, from order to delivery.
See our Clean Production Approach Project
Smart transportation

We support the facilitation and extension of electric vehicle experience through the charging stations established along intercity roads, at houses and workplaces with ZES, the most widespread network of quick charging stations across Turkey.
We make effective use of our resources and support circular economy via our vehicles available for hourly rent through Electrip, the first electric car-sharing fleet of Turkey.
Smart Home Systems
Smart Home Technologies
We continue to invest in smart home technologies. With intelligent home systems, we save between 10-30% in heat energy and up to 30% electricity consumption.
Smart Buildings
Our smart buildings Levent 199 and Zorlu Center have LEED Gold Certification and accordingly use energy efficient glass coatings and systems with heat-recovery climate-saving systems.

We develop

sustainable products

We develop innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly products

We combat climate change covering our entire value chain.

We aim to raise customer satisfaction with sustainable products and services.

Detailed information

See our Sustainability Project in Geothermal Energy
Our goal is to increase our sustainable product sales by 50%.
We aim to reduce the footprint of our customers with nano applications in textiles
  • Self-Cleaning Roller Blinds
    We are reducing the need for water and detergent.
  • Our light and heat insulated curtains
    and our iron-free products reduce energy consumption.
  • LED curtains
    With our technological goods such as, QR Coded Linens, UV resistant polyester yarns, we embed technology in daily life.
We design white goods which reduce the environmental footprint of our costumers, saving water and energy
  • %70
    Our washing machines consume less than 50% of the market average, consuming 70% less energy than the A+++ energy class.
  • %15
    Our refrigerators are 15% more efficient than the A+++ energy class.
  • %20
    Our dishwashers consume 20% less energy.
  • %50
    Our ovens consume 50% less energy than A class.